Practice Tests for the Compass

This page shows you how to access the free practice tests for the Compass that can be found on our website.

Practice now with questions for the tests which are just like those on the actual exam.

Free Reading Comprehension Practice

Compass Practice Reading Tests - Free Sample

Our Compass practice tests for reading comprehension contain 125 questions in total.

There are 20 reading comprehension passages on our practice reading tests, and each passage contains 5 to 10 reading comprehension questions, just like the actual Compass Test.

Our practice reading test download is 50 pages long.

Free Writing Practice Tests

The writing skills part of the Compass is sometimes call the English test.

Our Compass practice tests for writing have 200 total questions.

There are 10 essays on various academic topics in our practice writing tests.

Each passage contains 16 to 23 questions on English language usage, grammar, and punctuation, so they too are in the same format as the real exam.

The writing download is 79 pages in length.

Compass Practice Writing Tests - Free Sample

If you would prefer to do the practice tests on your iPad and iPod, you can get our reading and writing practice tests apps on the App store.

Compass Reading Test App for iPad and iPod

Compass Writing Test App for iPad and iPod

Free Practice Tests for Math

Our Compass practice math tests contain 150 questions in total.

Most important, our math tests contain step-by-step solutions to show you how to solve even the most difficult math problems on the math exam.

Like the actual Compass math test, our practice Compass math tests include prealgebra, algebra, college algrebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

The practice math tests download is 69 pages long.

Compass Practice Math Tests - Free Sample

Format of Practice Tests

All of our Compass practice tests are available as instant downloads.

You will receive your download information immediately after putting your details into the shopping cart.

The downloads are in PDF format. They may be printed or used on your PC.

All of the practice tests downloads include complete answer keys.

In the event that you have any questions about our downloads or other materials, please do not hesitate to contact us.