Compass Math Test - Basic Information

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The Compass math test contains five parts. Our math practice tests also contain each of these five parts.

Compass Math Test - Levels of Difficulty

For each of the five parts of the math examination, there will be questions at three different levels of difficulty.

First, there will be a few elementary problems which involve certain basic operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, in order to arrive at the answer.

Second, there will be some analysis questions, which are typically problems with more than one variable, sequence, or operation.

Third, there will be application problems on the math test.

Application problems often involve practical situations, such as calculating miles per gallon or determining how much carpeting is required for a room.

Using Calculators on the Compass Math Test

Note that you may use basic calculators on the math test.

An on-screen calculator function is also available.

Scientific calculators, like those that can calculate sine, cosine, or square roots, are not permitted.

That is because you will be expected to know how to perform these mathematical operations yourself.

Besides traditional calculators, you will also not be allowed to use cell phones with mathematical functions, tablets, iPads, or other wireless devices.

Your calculator will need to be put into silent mode, as calculators that beep or make other noises are not permitted in the examination area.

Power cables are also not allowed, so be sure that your calculator has sufficient battery power to last for the duration of your exam.

You are also not permitted to share your calculator with another student. If you do so, you may be removed from the exam.

Compass Math Practice Test Materials

Each of the questions in our Compass math practice test download is in the same format as those on the actual Compass math test.

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