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1) Based on the information in paragraph 1, which of the following best explains the term abstract symbolic reasoning?

A. The idea that younger children are less intelligent that older children.

B. The idea that younger children are less physically developed than older children.

C. The idea that younger children are less socially developed than older children.

D. The idea that younger children are less culturally developed than older children.

E. The idea that biological development affects the intellectual development of children. CORRECT

Compass Reading Sample Question 2:

2) The word egocentric in the passage is closest in meaning to

A. extroverted

B. self-centered CORRECT

C. illogical

D. underdeveloped

E. undisciplined

Compass Reading Sample Question 3:

3) Which of the sentences below contains the main idea of paragraph 3?

A. Piaget theorized that, unlike the schemes of other animals, human beings' schemes are primarily acquired in the socialization process.

B. In contrast to other animals, human beings use their innate schemes throughout their lifetimes, rather than departing from constructed schemes.

C. The process by which human beings acquire schemes is different than that of other animals because human beings acquire schemes during the socialization process, and these acquired schemes bifurcate from their innate schemes. CORRECT

D. Piaget noted that human beings differ to other animals since they do not rely only on in-born cognitive mechanisms.

E. Piaget theorized that children's schemes are completely socially acquired.

Compass Reading Sample Question 4:

4) According to the passage, which of the following statements best characterizes the sensorimotor stage?

A. The growth of the child's intelligence in this stage depends predominantly on his or her verbal ability.

B. The skills obtained during this stage are of less importance than those achieved during later developmental stages.

C. During this stage, the child learns how his or her mobility relates to language.

D. The child's interaction with the world is limited.

E. The child's cognitive development in this stage is achieved through physical movement in his or her environment. CORRECT

Compass Reading Sample Question 5:

5) Based on the information in paragraphs 5 and 6, what can be inferred about child development?

A. Before the child enters the concrete operational stage, his or her thinking is largely rigid and unsystematic. CORRECT

B. The conceptualization of symbols is not as important as the conceptualization of numbers.

C. The child becomes more egocentric during the concrete operational stage.

D. Memory and language become less important during the concrete operational stage.

E. The child develops by psychologically interacting with others during the pre-operational stage.

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