Do You Need Extra Math Prep?

Are you Prepared in Basic Math Skills?

Our materials are a review of the math skills you need for the test. In other words, we assume that you know the basics of math.

If you really struggle with basic mathematical concepts, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division you will probaly need additional math prep help besides what we offer on this website.

Indeed, it is true that some students trying to take their placement tests are still having problems memorizing the times tables.

If either of the two above situations apply to you, then please have a look at the following online resources to help you with your math prep and to provide you with a refresher of your basic math skills.

Math Prep - Online Help

Basic Math Help at gives you help and advice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Basic Skills Practice with the BBC

Although the above website is from England, it is still very good. It has online quizzes for you to take in the basic skills.

It also has videos and exercises for multiples and factors and problem solving.

The Math is Fun website has an online interface to help you learn the multiplication tables. It has the feel more of a game than a math exercise. They are right - it really is fun!